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Leeming Bar, Bedale, North Yorkshire, England.
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We have been manufacturing trailers and trailer components since 1986.
Our trailers have been mostly special build and bespoke type trailers. Due to new EU type approval regulations we can no longer offer this useful manufacturing service.
We buy and refurbish trailers to a high standard, and will present these for sale when they are available.
We still manufacture chassis and body panels for off road, garden and Quad trailers, as we can still offer this type of trailer building 'in-house'. Stub axles or suspension type chassis are available with a choice of
8 & 10" wheel sizes fitted with grass or off road and quad type tyres.
Details can be found on the off road trailers page of this site and the wheels plus stub axles at

RJ Engineering offers a range of services, including metal fabrication, trailer parts manufacture, GRP work, Welding of steels and alloys. We also build, sell and maintain sprint, hillclimb cars, classic cars and sidecar outfits.

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We are now no longer actively involved with the trailer manufacture or sales. We may have a refurbished for sale if any are worth repairing.

A big thank you to all our customers.

Although now retired, I still dabble with cars and trailers to keep the brain active and myself occupied.